Qualifications for the Application for Usage of “Thai Select” Logo

  • Thai or international restaurants serving Thai menus no less than 60% of total menus.
  • Has been opening for no less than 6 months.
  • Chefs must be Thai or any other nationalities having a Thai cooking experience no less than 2 years or having a Thai Cuisine Training Certificate.
  • The application form must be filled and documents have to be attached as requested, by submitting the form and documents to the nearest Thai Trade Center of the Department of Export Promotion, or filling in the form and submitting documents online as shown below.
  • The Thai Trade Center or a representative from the Thai government agencies will perform the test on applicant’s food without any prior appointment, and then will decide whether to award the Thai Select Signature, Thai Select Classic or Thai Select Casual Certificate.

Privileges of Thai Select Restaurants

  • Having a participation in the Thai Select Activities in Thailand International Trade Fairs; for example, Thaifex.
  • Annual invitation to attend international trade fairs in Thailand.
  • Supported for public relations/advertisements in general in both international and domestic media (according to Department of International Trade Promotion’s plan and budget allocation).
  • Opportunity to participate in development and promotional activities organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion.

* Required Field

    • Basic Information :

    • Fax :
    • Details of Restaurant Services :

      • Full service restaurant
      • Quick Served Restaurant
      • Home Delivery
    • Thai
      with Thai Cooking Experience
    • Foreign
      with Thai Cooking Experience
    • Other
    • Space
    • Details of Business Operation :

    • In country
    • Overeas (Please specify)
    • Non-Thai
      • Thai products / Own import
      • Thai products from local suppliers
      • Non Thai products
      • Wholesaler
      • Retailer
      • Importer
      • Other
      • Facebook
      • Instagram
      • Twitter
      • Other

    • Please select the documents as requested :

      • Copy of Certificate of Business Registration
      • Copy of menu with photographs of at least three recommended dishes
      • Restaurant's exterior photographs showing restaurant name
      • Restaurant's interior photographs
      • In case of renewal, please attach the copy of previous Thai SELECT certificate (if any)
    • * Note: The size of the aggregate shall not exceed 10 megabyte.